7 Steps from Whiteboard Animation Services

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Whiteboard videos are types of videos that whiteboard animation services create and involve the use of static images. Static images in whiteboard animation include drawings on the screen. Moreover, the illustrations that these videos have accompanied with a narration that tells a story to the audience. Whiteboard videos are types of explainer videos that entail simple animations; however, they are engaging at the same time.

Moreover, video marketing has evolved with time. By the same token, many start-ups these days deploy explainer videos, like whiteboard videos for marketing brands, products, and services. Besides, consumers have four times more interest in watching videos of products than reading about them. Video marketing also results in the best ROI, according to the majority of marketers.

In addition, we are going to tell you about the seven steps to making a whiteboard in this post as per whiteboard animation companies.

7 Steps to Creating Whiteboard Video

The following are the seven steps to creating a whiteboard video:

1. Create the Message:

The most important thing in a whiteboard video is the message you want to convey. Besides, nothing is more important in a video than the message. A professional writer can advise you on creating the script for your video plus guide you about the right strategy. Moreover, hiring a professional video animation service, like Glowza Digital, won’t require you to do much effort. A professional video animation company will ask you to fill out a questionnaire first to determine what you want to deliver to the audience via a whiteboard video.

In addition, the message in your video must stick the audience with a story, diagram, or metaphor. The best video animation company can guide you to help you create a message that delivers what you want. An outline of the message in a whiteboard video should include the following:

1. The problem of your customers
2. The solution you are providing your customers via your company or a product
3. Convince your customers why your product is the right solution to their problem
4. Call to Action or CTA

2. The Message Length:

If you don’t know how long explainer videos should be, you should know they shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds or 2 minutes. Further, an explainer video company can also help you compress the message for you if you need to. Besides, you can comfortably speak 130 words in a minute. Furthermore, the majority of people will watch a full-two minute whiteboard video that an expert creates. Animated video production company creates whiteboard videos that take viewers on a journey. For the same reason, they watch the full two-minute whiteboard video that a professional video animation company creates.

Additionally, you can create a whiteboard video of more than 2 minutes for a captive audience. Similarly, a 30-second whiteboard video will do if your video has a sizeable ad spend on the internet or television.

3. The Animation Process and Schedule:

A video animation company can animate videos in as little as a week. However, reputable video animation companies will take five to six weeks to create a whiteboard video. It also ensures the production of a high-quality whiteboard video. A typical video animation process for a whiteboard video will take place as follows:

Week 1: Script review with a Creative Director
Week 2: The formation of the team side-by-side
Week 3: Creation of style frames
Week 4: Full storyboards and audio alongside voiceover and the right music
Week 5: Delivery of work in progress to the client
Week 6: Final whiteboard video production

4. Video Sharing or Distribution:

There are loads of ways to share explainer videos these days. Your website, YouTube, and sale presentations, to name some of them. Further, whiteboard animation services can also tell and guide you about video-sharing platforms.

5. Creating a Whiteboard on Your Own in 3 ways:

You should know that creating a whiteboard on your own isn’t for free. Firstly, writing and animating can take valuable time. In addition, creating a poor whiteboard video will waste your time, energy, and money simultaneously. For the same reason, you should always prioritize choosing a video animation company to create an explainer video, If you have no choice except to create a video on your own, you should get the following first:

• A high-resolution video camera
• A tripod
• A whiteboard
• A projector
• Bright global lighting
• Video editing software

Then, you may trace, erase or use software to create a whiteboard as follows:

a. How to Trace: Lightly trace the image with a pencil and film yourself while drawing on the top of the image. Then, put your video into the video editor plus increase the contrast slightly to make your pencil marks go away.

b. How to Erase: First, draw the image and make sure you get it perfect. Then, erase the image as per your requirements. Next, put it in video software to reverse the footage frames.

c. How to Use the Software: Use animation software like After Effects to create the animation. Moreover, you can go through the tutorial to use video animation software to understand how it works. Nevertheless, it will take your valuable time.

6. Degrees of Cost: You should also know the cost to create a whiteboard video. Besides, the cost to create a whiteboard video varies from company to company. Nonetheless, reputable video animation companies will charge you competitively to create a whiteboard video. Also, keep in mind that cost of a whiteboard video increases when you want to add more details, colors, and motion in a video.

7. The Best Bet Is to Hire an Explainer Video Company: The goal of the message you want to convey is more than the cost of a whiteboard video. Besides, you won’t hire the cheapest CEO to run a business. Similarly, you won’t want a poor whiteboard video to reach thousands or millions of viewers. Frankly, it can spoil your business image. On the other hand, a high-quality whiteboard that an explainer video company can create will do the exact opposite. For the same reason, it is best to hire a professional video animation company for whiteboard video production.

To Finish

Here is a recap of the seven steps as per whiteboard animation services to creating a whiteboard video:

1. Create the Message
2. The Message Length
3. The Animation Process and Schedule
4. Video Sharing or Distribution
5. Creating a Whiteboard on Your Own in 3 Ways
6. Degrees of Cost
7. The Best Bet Is to Hire an Explainer Video Company

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