How To Create A Healthy Relationship with Yourself By Jonah Engler

Healthy Relationship
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Whenever people think of wellness, they think of some things like exercise and diet. The term will encompass so much more than just taking care of physical selves. In case you are trying to be truly healthy, you must create a healthy relationship with yourself. It might sound pretty easy, but in reality, it is not that.

Loving yourself and then accepting your true self needs a lot of work. It is a process, according to Jonah Engler, that calls for a great deal of self-reflection. However, this work is pretty essential in case you want to thrive in some other areas of your life. There are certain tips, used to help create a healthy relationship with yourself.

Always notice your inner chatter:

You have to pay attention to what you need to regularly tell yourself. Make sure to pay attention to what you say whenever you are facing a stressful situation or a challenge. It is going to be a great first step because then it is most of the time so unconscious.

Once you start to become more aware of how you are going to relate to yourself, you can reflect on what effect that will have on you and how you would like to change it!

Relaxation techniques to connect to your body:

Some experts like Jonah Engler would love you to practice progressive muscle relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, and yoga for better hearing of your body.

  • These techniques help in paying some attention to subtle cues which people gloss over on a daily basis to focus more on the to-dos and the tasks at hand.
  • With time, through the proper engagement of these practices and by taking time to tune into the body, you will help in developing a familiar knowing.

Setting up the intention and then cultivating awareness:

It is always mandatory for you to set the overarching goal. It can take place over a span of years to keep moving towards a better relationship with yourself. It should also consider the understanding of what this entails to change over the past couple of years.

Plan for that short, middle and long term forums:

In order to become thoughtful regarding cultivating a great relationship with yourself, it is vital to set priorities for various time frames.

  • Having some realistic goals and setting milestones and steps for each goal are proven ways to stay on the right track.
  • Always realize that motivation in short term is often based on reward, but over a longer time, motivation becomes less exciting and more like maintaining habits and then dropping new behaviors.
  • So, blending novelty with long-term satisfaction is always a proper general recipe. The long-term rewards are proper investments, which will come due down the road and just whenever you need them.
  • But, it can always be easy to focus too much on immediate gratification.

Recognize the negative self-talk:

Everyone has a voice inside their head that guides their decisions to the next level. But for most people, this voice can do more harm than usual good. It is always the nagging nation that you are not quite good or strong enough or just plain enough.

  • According to experts, this voice can either be obvious or even completely subconscious.
  • However, if you are actually engaging in any form of negative self-talk, you can bet it will get in the way of your life.
  • The first step in order to battle this beast is by recognizing it.
  • Once you have recognized the much-needed dialogue, you can start rewriting the script.

Always get to know yourself:

Let’s be honest for one time. How many decisions can you make for yourself? If you like other people, then there isn’t many decisions you can make on your own,

  • Most of the time, we make most of the decisions to please other people.
  • You will take this step out for so long that you forget that actually makes you happy.
  • So, it is mandatory to start making small decisions that are only for you to choose.
  • For example, choose any movie that you particularly want to see or even take a vacation by yourself.
  • Most of the time, it gets a lot easier o make decisions for yourself whenever you are stepping away from people who have maximum influence on your life.

Try practicing gratitude for your own physical self:

You can always practice gratitude for your physical self by eating well and also by exercising. But, this tip will involve more than just a healthy relationship between fitness and food.

  • It is actually the real-time to take to appreciate all that your body has ever done for you.
  • Most of you have the tendency to ignore bodies until something goes terribly wrong with it.
  • For example, you won’t be thinking much about your breathing until the nasal passages are blocked.
  • Moreover, you don’t be thinking about your digestive system until you end up with a stomach virus.
  • But these systems are really amazing and truly deserve your appreciation from time to time.

So, it is always advisable to practice gratitude for the physical self. For that, you can try considering meditation, using natural body care items, eating a balanced diet, and even taking an exercise routine.

Also, show some compassion:

If you are your worst critic, then you are definitely now alone. That’s always a common sentiment within your society. People tend to cut other people more breaks than what they do for themselves.

But, next time you are trying to beat yourself up, hold on a moment, take a step back, and think about what you would say to a friend in that same situation. The main goal over here is to try to be more compassionate.

So plan for your meditation now:

Next time you are trying to build a healthy relationship with yourself, try focusing on yoga and meditation. You will love the ways you start to value your body!

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