Is Siteground the ideal hosting for Magento 2

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Siteground has established itself for the quality of the services it offers, I also use it for my sites and some of my clients.

It offers services and above all resources, which other competitors do not offer.

I will not list the features it offers, it is visible in the comparison of the plans of their site: look here .

However, I focus on those features or services that are not found in other hosting or that Siteground offers them included in the price. By “included in the price” I mean that old customers have been activated these services at no additional cost.

The hosting on Siteground is managed through cPanel, those who are familiar with the cPanel will know how to move very well, for those who are not familiar, a little practice will be enough, it is quite user-friendly.

  • SSD storage: at the beginning of 2019 they activated the storage on SSD disks, the difference was evident, the data response time is about 3 times faster.
  • HTTP / 2 enabled servers: In spring 2019 they enabled the HTTP / 2 protocol which allows browsers to load websites much faster.
  • SuperCacher: it’s their caching system that works very well, on Siteground the last problem is the cache.
  • Spam Experts: Using local email is often a problem, particularly if you have a newly registered domain and your email could end up in spam, their system solves this problem 95%.
  • Assistance: Siteground has excellent assistance, there is no need to say more about this.
  • Server: servers are efficient beyond the maximum resources needed for a CMS like WordPress or similar, but not for e-commerce.

And after the last point above we come to the core ..

Is Siteground the ideal hosting for Magento 2? The answer is no.

Even if on their website you can find the dedicated Magento Hosting service , in reality it is nothing more than their GoGeek plan, that is the hosting plan on a shared server with more resources among the 3 available.

Magento 2 requires very specific specifications to be able to work not only to its full potential, but above all to work well.

Most of the problems that Magento 2 manifests are caused by incorrect server configuration, limited or even absent resources.

Let’s be clear, Magento 2 runs very well on Siteground’s GoGeek hosting, but in the long run you will find that if on the one hand you have a very performing e-commerce website, on the other you are experiencing several problems, which I will now list.

Server memory per process: 768 MB

This is the famous memory_limit parameter, set to 768MB, Magento 2 requires 2GB for correct operation ( see here )

You will find yourself in trouble at the time of third party installations or the Magento update itself, many upgrades will have to be done manually (good luck).

Minimum cron job interval: 30 min

Magento 2 has a lot of processes to process and requires 3 cron jobs every minute .

However, despite indicating that the cron jobs have a minimum interval of 30 minutes, setting them every minute anyway, they work correctly, at least on the GoGeek plan. I hope they stay that way, because Magento 2 couldn’t work if the cron jobs were set to 30 minutes. The maximum that can be set is 5 minutes, more than that becomes a problem.

So for now , this is not a problem in the GoGeek plan.

Simultaneous connections from single IPs: 20

This seems like one of those figures you say: perfect, when will I ever get there at 20 ???

Instead this too can become a problem if you are working / developing on Magento 2.

Simultaneous connections can be: someone who downloads e-mail, the cron jobs that work, you who log in from cPanel, you who have an editor open on the root, etc etc ..
While you are doing maintenance or working on Magento, you get there quickly at 20 simultaneous connections, at that moment your tools freeze until the connections drop, 3/10 of your development time on Magento 2 is devoted to these pauses.

Inodes: 450,000

Inode is the number of files / folders you have on your web hosting account.

For a Magento 2 installation with related third-party modules and at full capacity, 450,000 inodes is more than enough.

Almost always, however, a development environment must be created on the same server, i.e. a clone of the development platform.

In this case 450,000 become few and you always work to the limit, you often exceed them and when this happens, Siteground warns you and gives you 3 days to return below the maximum limit.

SPAM Experts, spam prevention

“We offer one of the most advanced solutions against SPAM – SPAM Experts, on all our servers, at no additional cost. Easily scalable and integrated with cPanel, SPAM expert provides protection for inbound and outbound emailS. It allows for more easy management of filtering, quarantine and offers statistics on e-mail traffic. “

This is what they promise and it is all true!

But there is a big problem, local email is not handled by the same server where your website is hosted. But by the host. , this means that there are 2 different ip addresses, so what happens?

80% of e-commerce are equipped with automatic autoresponders, in the case of this configuration a Backscatter occurs  .

The system adopted by them cannot be changed, so if you have an e-commerce and you will use an automatic responder, it will not work, all the emails return to the sender in the form of an error.

I have not listed other minor problems that I had to face. As I was able to solve them anyway, minor problems that most likely cross over in other hosting too.

Conclusions on Siteground as Hosting for Magento 2

Would I recommend it for an e-commerce? No, it has insurmountable limits.

Would I recommend it for a WordPress site? Yes, it was made for that.

To overcome all these limitations, I was advised to switch to a Cloud Hosting plan. This plan is scalable and has resources that are really tempting and I was also thinking about it. But I would always have the problem of the “Spam Expert”.

Siteground I will always use and recommend it for static sites. For CMS like WordPress and the like, but not for an e-Commerce.

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